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12.08.2014 г.

 Stop the murders in Palestine

Protest actions against inhuman barbaric bombardment of Palestine people are held in many countries of the world.

The people of Palestine, carrying on a fair struggle for the right to live in their own state on their land, once again bury their elderly, women and children, many victims of the aggressive policy of the state of Israel and supporting it governments of the USA and EU countries.

Trade unions in many countries have expressed their indignation with the antipopular felonious activities and with the encouragement of such activities by the leading imperialist countries and unions.

Representatives of the trade unions - participants of the International trade Union Seminar held in Moscow on 9 August 2014, condemn the bloody policy, express the solidarity with the General Union of Palestinian Workers (GUPW) and call upon all trade unions to join the protest.

Trade Union of Labor Migrant Workers (Russia)

Independent Workers Trade Union “Zhanartu” (Kazakhstan)

Workers Trade Union “Zashita” (Russia)

Moscow, August,9, 2014

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