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Всегреческий профсоюз ПАМЕ о ситуации с беженцами после снегопадов Печать E-mail
19.01.2017 г.

Всегреческий профсоюз ПАМЕ сообщает о драматической ситуации, сложившейся для мигрантов-беженцев в Греции после прошедших снегопадов.

On the Refugee Situation in Greece

While the unions, people’s committees’, political parties and other organizations demanded for long time immediate measures for the protection and sheltering of the refugees, who are trapped in Greece, only last week the Government of SYRIZA declared in all formality that all refugees have been sheltered, and all measures have been taken to protect them from the freezing cold.

Then, everybody saw pictures like this, of the Refugee Camps, with tents and people covered by snow, freezing.


PAME, its labour centres and unions, people’s committees in all regions with refugee camps, continued the difficult support with material aid, blankets, food, etc. However, as the management of all refugee camps has been transferred to NGOs, many obstacles are created. Many allegations are made on how the NGO’s use and deliver any support and material aid. The unions try to provide and support the refugees directly.

At the same time delegations of PAME, National Federations, Labour Centres and Unions held a series of protests at the Local Authorities and meeting with the Minister of Migration and Refugees. Though now, the SYRIZA Government does not continue to claim that the refugees are sheltered and protected, the Government continues to support the policies of the EU-NATO for the imperialist interventions in the region. It continues the implementation and support the the EU Regulations and decisions for the Refugees and the EU-Turkey Agreement that imprisons all refugees and migrants in Greece.

PAME, the Unions and People’s Committees, will continue the daily activities and actions for support of the Refugees and Migrants. Action that is based on the solidarity of the workers of Greece, who themselves also, suffer poverty and misery conditions because of the wage cuts, the taxes and the antiworkers measures. However, at the same time, the class movement of Greece though demands immediate measures for the protection of the refuges, highlights that solution to the refugee situation can only result with the end of imperialist interventions, cancelation of the EU Regulations and Agreements for the Refugees

Athens, January 16, 2017

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