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17.07.2013 г.


Painting by Pablo Picasso on the occasion of 10th anniversary of WFTU in 1955The recent developments in Egypt confirm the positions, the principles and values of the class oriented trade union movement that through its longtime historic experience knows that the workers and the poor farmers shouldn’t be trapped in reformist illusions and illusions about the so called “better management” of capitalism.

- The forced that prevailed during the so called “Arab spring”, carried on the anti-people policy of Mubarak. The results were poverty, unemployment and wages of 2 dollars per day. Millions of poor people live only on the ridiculously low allowances and charities.

- The reason of the mobilization of the Egyptian Working Class and of all the Egyptian People can be found in the great unresolved social problems. Old and new administrators of the Egyptian capitalism appear every time as saviors. But life proves them wrong. The situation of the popular strata is getting worse.

- The situation in Egypt, Northern Africa and the Middle East is getting more complicated because of the rivalry between the imperialist centers for the sacking of natural resources and the control over the energy transport routes. One of the permanent objectives of the capital is steal the wealth of the countries.

- The weakening of the countries of the Middle East, the sacking of their natural resources, the large migration waves, the exodus of their inhabitants, the destruction of their infrastructure, is actually serving Israel and the strategy of the US and NATO for the so called “New Middle East”.

- Today in Egypt, the contradictions between bourgeois forces are sharper. They are contradictions inside the bourgeoisie. They are contradictions inside the capitalist system. And the army took the side that -at this moment- appears to support a secular – capitalist course. The class oriented movement is against the intervention of the military in political controversies.
Result of this complicated and complex situation is workers hitting workers on the streets of Cairo, Alexandria and elsewhere, workers killing workers over religious beliefs and religious political parties.

The WFTU makes an open appeal to the whole Egyptian Working Class and tells them:

Comrades workers, we are all brothers and sisters. Class brothers and sisters. Regardless of religion, creed or tribe, unite and fight as a social class, along with the poor farmers, along with the youth, the women, the People. Your country is a rich country and can ensure for you a decent present and a better future. Don’t trust the saviors provided for you by the USA and the EU. There’s only one solution: to claim the power for your own interests, to become yourselves masters of your own place, to put an end to exploitation. This will be the real spring and the real revolution.

The WFTU is by your side.
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