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30.08.2013 г.


 The immigrants’ death incidents

5 August 2013

The immigrants’ death incidents in our country are a daily routine. In their attempt to cross the borders, without the necessary legal documents, they die, either because of sea drowning, or because of all the sufferings and the abuse taking place in detentions areas.

24 immigrants drowned in July, the 1st, between the greek-turkish borders. A few days ago, a 26-year-old Pakistani was found hung in the toilette of the police department, where he was detained. He was arrested, because he didn’t have all the necessary legal documents to support his residence in our country.

In a similar case, a 20-year-old immigrant from the Ivory Coast committed suicide in another police department, where he was detained until to be sent to his country.

The detention conditions, as well as the prisons’ infrastructure are despicable. There is no respect for human dignity or for the prisoners’ rights.

We demand that the government satisfy the requests presented below:

  • To put an end to the unacceptable detention of immigrants, without legal documents, in prisons, in police departments, in harbormaster offices etc.
  • To generally abolish the measure of administrative detention of immigrants and refugees, who lack legal documents, to close down the Detention Centres, in other words, the modern concentration camps, and to create humane, healthy and decent temporary hosting places for immigrants and refugees.
  • To organize state special care programs for underage refugees and immigrants, mothers and children, who are human trafficking victims.
  • To offer quickly and with reliable procedures asylum or temporary humanitarian regime to refugees or to those who come from countries where are under imperial occupation or civil wars.
  • To provide travel documents to all those who want to go to another state-member of the EU, declaring disobedience to the Schengen agreement and to the Regulation “Dublin 2″.
  • To legalize all the immigrants, who live and work in Greece, especially those, who have obtained vital bonds to the country so that they will have full labor, social security and democratic rights.
  • To stop the new repression measures against immigrants at borders and to have Frontex out of Greece.

The Immigrants’ Secretary of PAME is going to have a protest demonstration at the Public Order Ministry.

It is going to inform the WFTU so that it will organize the unions’ struggle for immigrants’ rights, as well as the struggle against the causes that force millions of people to become immigrants and refugees.

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