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The WFTU wishes you a happy and militant 2014 Печать E-mail
31.12.2013 г.



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2014 WFTU New Year Greeting Message
Dear comrades and friends,
Dear brothers and sisters,
The world writes in its history the year 2013 and opens the new chapter of 2014.
The Secretariat of the World Federation of Trade Unions wishes to its 86 million member trade union family, the millions of trade union friends that we meet in the common struggles and to the international working class:
a happy and militant new year 2014.
Our wish is that the working class in every country becomes every year more mature, more confident, more optimistic and more aware of the deeper causes of the world’s problems, of the great abilities that lie ahead and of the great power it has to change this tormented globe into a prosperous, productive and peaceful world.
We live and we report the atrocities that are, not an isolated event, but the result of the economic machine of the capitalist system.
At an era when humanity discovers new planets: - Unemployment is climbing for all workers, is striking with barbarity the youth and women.
- People still work in conditions of slavery not being able to provide the basics to their families.
- More than 2 million workers die every year by occupational accidents or work related diseases which in the extreme majority could be prevented of the employers applied protection measures.
- Social security is or is becoming an unknown world to generations of workers.
- Poor people lack the basic access to food, water, medicine, books, housing and the majority of the populations is not enjoying a good standard of quality of life.
- Women continue to suffer discrimination in work-places, sexual and physical attacks and lack of applicable regulation on maternity protection.
- Imperialist wars and criminal looting of the world’s heritage, the natural resources is being conducted by the multinationals.
- Thousands of trade unionists were arrested, imprisoned, murdered for their struggle.
As long as the product of the masses is appropriated by the few, leaving suffering for the rest, the WFTU will continue to commit itself for the struggle of the improvement of the living and working conditions of the working class and the poor strata.
In 2014 we commit ourselves to struggle more hard, be more methodical and efficient in order for the WFTU to continue its upward course, to continue to grow in numbers and activities, to continue to coordinate the solidarity amongst the international trade union movement and to continue to support and strengthen the class-oriented trade union forces.
Dear brothers and sisters,
The WFTU wishes you a happy and militant 2014.
The Secretariat
Athens 31.12.2013
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